Condensed technology fitting in the palm of your hand while delivering peak performance. Our Esso Pod System is designed for discreetness and convenience with easy to replace pods.

Technical Specifications

  • Air-Flow-Sensor activated
  • USB Charging Port
  • Easily monitor liquid levels via oil window
  • Large opening for easy filling
  • Easy press on capping
  • Food-grade material
  • Magnetic Connector
  • LED Indicator
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The Esso Pod System is manufactured to deliver the highest quality vapor production and flavor profile in a sleek and compelling design, employing our Honeycomb Ceramic Core and magnetic connection. Leading the industry in vaporizer technology, VELX has brought us a pod that reinvents the standards.

High-Caliber Ceramic Heating Element

Our Honeycomb Ceramic Core allows extracts to be inhaled efficiently while preventing overheating.

Leak-Proof Structure

We have enhanced our already proven technique to ensure safety and prevent leaking.

Powerful Battery

Low self-discharge rate Lithium-ion battery cells. 300+ charge/discharge cycles meet the demands for a year.

Esso Frequently Asked Questions