Essential To Success

Essential Device Company (EDC) is an innovative vaporizer solution provider, committed to delivering the community with a superior vaporizing experience that is second to none. We provide cutting edge technology engineered for viscosities of extracts ranging from high to low, and everything in between with our exclusive distribution of VELXTech by GEEKVAPE, a pioneer in an ever-evolving vaporizer industry.

Essential Technology

By merging our expert knowledge of extracts at EDC with the groundbreaking engineers at GEEKVAPE, we have perfected the functionality of VELXTech. Each of our vaporizer products are manufactured with VELXTech porous Ceramic Honeycomb Coil, allowing for an eclectic mix of consistent saturation, heating that is reliably efficient, an authentic flavor, and most importantly a clean and voluptuous vapor that flourishes our community’s vaporizing experience beyond all expectations.

We encompass a beginning to end supply chain management that ranges from raw material sourcing, production, shipping, customs and delivery.

Live customer service via phone and email Monday-Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM PST. Here to help our clients with all of their needs.

For any issues preceding 30 days after the delivery date, we are here to assist you in getting the problem resolved with no questions asked.